Sol Photonics supports you from Fiber Bragg Grating design up to setting up grating production in-house.

Simulation are only useful if you can turn them into reality. Therefore Sol Photonics can support its customer from design all the way to setting up an in-house production facility.

Sol Photonics uses the NORIA FBG manufacturing solution to validate FBG designs for customers. Once one or multiple designs are validated, Sol Photonics can setup a NORIA at the customers location including all required equipment for pre- and post processing of the fiber.

Examples of grating designs and manufacturing results using the NORIA can be found here.

The NORIA is a manufacturing tool to produce Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs). A Deep Ultra Violet laser (Coherent Excistar XS 500Hz—ArF) and a phase mask (Ibsen Photonics) are used to transfer a periodic pattern into the core of a photosensitive optical fiber.

The NORIA tool holds a number of different masks in a revolver like holder, each mask having a different pattern periodicity. This flexibility allows the end-user to manufacture FBGs from predefined recipes in an automated fashion. In addition, multiple FBGs in an array can be written along the fiber at any desired position using the NORIA tools accurate positioning stage.

  • "Plug & Play" system for FBG manufacturing—ready to use after installation
  • Write multiple FBG's on a 150 mm length of fiber in one go
  • Write uniform or apodized FBGs with a length of 1-10 mm
  • Load the NORIA with up to 16 phase masks
  • Use photo sensitive fibers or hydrogen loaded standard fibers
  • Easy to operate and load - fiber fixture system for handling loose fiber and fiber reels (option)
  • Solutions for stripping and recoating available as options


           The NORIA FBG manufacturing solution

           The NORIA FBG manufacturing solution